Erda Logo
Erda Logo

Erda Associates Ltd. are environmental and geotechnical specialists who deal with all aspects relating to contaminated land or ground conditions nationwide across the UK. We typically undertake these works to:

  • Help satisfy planning conditions.
  • Assist with foundation/project design by assessing ground conditions.
  • Satisfy warranty providers.

Examples of the typical services we provide include:

  • Phase I Desk Study
  • Phase II Ground Investigation
  • Contaminated Land Investigation
  • Treatment and Remediation of Contaminated Sites
  • Ground Investigation (to satisfy Warranty Providers)
  • Coal Mining Risk Assessment
  • Coal Mining Investigations
  • Treatment of mine workings and shafts
  • Mineral Resource Assessments
  • Earthworks Assistance/Supervision
  • Plate Bearing Tests
  • Remediation Verification Reports
  • Ground Gas Membrane Inspections
  • Ground Investigation to assist with foundation design
  • Soakaway/Percolation Testing
  • Material Management Plans
  • Ground Gas Monitoring
  • Chemical & Geotechnical laboratory analysis of soils and building materials

We are always keen to assist where possible. If you would like to discuss your project specific requirements, our contact details can be found here.